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Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and is the guiding authority in our lives


We believe  in God as three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit


We believe  that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, that he lived a sinless life on earth before giving Himself to die on a cross in our place and rising again three days later before ascending into Heaven


We believe  in the need for individual forgiveness and faith in Jesus Christ and that we should each follow God's will for our lives based on his teaching


We believe  that God’s followers should be baptised as the Bible commands (Matthew 28:19-20) (Acts 2:38-41)


We believe  that Jesus is coming back again as He promised and we will face final judgement (Acts 1:6-12)


We aim to live out these truths in our Church life and our individual lives as set out by our vision:


Woodhill Evangelical Church declares the following truths of the Christian faith:

At Woodhill, our vision is to Develop a Community Devoted to Jesus.

We believe that God’s plan for us is to make disciples of His Son, Jesus Christ. Being wholly devoted followers of Jesus is central to the New Testament message and recognises that each person must develop a spiritual devotion to Jesus, both as individuals and together as His Church. 

Jesus Christ calls us to follow Him by expressing His love and His life through us, His community, into our local community and far beyond. We believe that through the working of His Spirit, His word and His will, He will help us to become more like him and enable us to live as He did so that the world may see what God’s purpose for us is.


Everyone who has come to faith in Jesus Christ is at a different stage in their spiritual journey and needs to develop and mature in their faith. God's desire is that we become more and more like Jesus, but this will only happen as we invite and allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse, empower and lead us into the abundant life Jesus promised for all His disciples.

a Community

A Christ centred community is a living spiritual body, not a religious organisation. Everyone is called to do their part, to build up the Church family by using their unique spiritual gifting and sharing their God-given resources.


We believe that God is calling us to develop a community centred on Jesus, believing Him to be the Son of God, obeying His teaching, receiving His forgiveness and empowered by the Holy Spirit, bearing witness by loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbours as ourselves. 


God’s family is inclusive in nature and diverse in content – young and old, married and single, single mums and dads, widows and widowers, divorced or separated, babies, infants, children, teenagers and young people – all are welcome at Woodhill. 

Devoted to Jesus

In the Acts of the Apostles, we read that the early Christians devoted themselves to apostles' teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer - making Jesus central to their lives. Jesus was a living presence among them by His Spirit and they recognised their commission to be His witnesses in - and to - the world, in order that people might come to faith in Him.


We believe we should be a community where healing and life transformation is a continual testimony to the active presence of the Holy Spirit, and a powerful witness to the power and truth of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. 


We want to become ever more like Jesus, as we seek to follow His example of a life lived in perfect obedience to God, taking every opportunity to share our faith with those we meet by revealing in our daily lives the life and love that God has placed within us.

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