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Our Story


The history of Woodhill Evangelical Church goes back to the 1920’s with kitchen meetings and open air services in the Bishopbriggs area. Children’s meetings were held in Kenmure Church Hall, packed to capacity every Saturday night.


The first permanent meeting place, known as the “Wee Hall”, was a former plumber’s shop near Bishopbriggs cross.


1930 - 1940’s

In 1939, permission was obtained to erect a wooden hall on a piece of ground in Crowhill Road. This became known as “The Gospel Hall”. 


1950 - 1960’s

There was a period of growth in the 1950’s and 60’s, helped by a lively Bible class of about 100 young people, led by Douglas McChlery.


In the early 1960’s, a Sunday School was established in Wester Cleddens Primary School. It also became apparent at that time that the hall at Crowhill Road was becoming too small.


After funding was raised by the members, ground was purchased on the site of a former farm at Wester Cleddens Road and construction commenced. The building was opened on 6th September 1969 as “Woodhill Gospel Hall”.


1970’s - 1990’s

The church began to reach out to its new neighbours, establishing community based activities. Gospel Campaigns were conducted by evangelists such as Hedley Murphy and John Speirs. The name of the church was changed in 1986 to “Woodhill Evangelical Church”.


2000 - 2010

With expanding church membership and visitors over the years, a bigger venue was required. When Blackie's building next door became available, the members raised the finance to purchase, then demolish the vandalised building.


Following a period of planning and consultation, plans were drawn up for a significant extension of the existing building and an extensive period of fundraising began. After five years of planning and 15 months building, the church took possession of the new building in March 2008. The new building provides a 300 seat auditorium, The Hub Cafe, three halls of differing sizes and three smaller meeting or class rooms.


2010 - Present Day

In 2010-11, the original part of the church was renovated to bring it up to the standard of the new part, including the development of a Youth zone. The extended facility continues to provide exciting opportunities to develop further community involvement and initiatives.

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